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Facing the snow to ensure safety, not afraid of cold and production busy

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The first snow of 2018 came as scheduled, accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature and freezing weather.

However, in the production workshop of XiangtouJintian New Materials, there is a rush of production scenes. All production lines are running at full capacity to catch orders. The colleagues in the workshop set off a production climax in this cold winter.

In order to ensure that the products can be delivered to the customers on time and quality, the colleagues on the front line of production gave up their rest time, not afraid of the severe cold and wind and snow, and rushed to the company to work overtime to postpone the order, but there was no complaint, no one. People grumble and shrink. The purpose is to work together to ensure that each product is of high standard, high quality, and smoothly completed on schedule.

On January 24, the company’s party branch and management team held relevant meetings before the arrival of low temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather to study and deploy how to deal with them in advance to ensure safety and normal production.

On the weekend of January 27, the snow and ice further intensified, the workshop was in normal production, and the company's party branch and management team members did not go home and stayed on the front line. The company’s party branch secretary and chairman Li Juguang came to the workshop early in the morning to keep abreast of the production and safety conditions, and ask for help. The company’s general manager Peng Dan and deputy general manager Zhang Zhiwen visited the workshop from time to time to learn about the production situation. The company’s party branch and management team members held a meeting on site to study how to solve the current severe cold weather problems to ensure employee safety and normal production, study and discuss relevant work arrangements before the year, and plan specific ideas for turning losses into profits in 2018 And measures.

After receiving the notice from the group company and the Yiyang High-tech Zone on safety production in low temperature and freezing weather, the company’s leaders attached great importance to the timely convening of meetings for work arrangements, and issued notices to all departments for serious implementation. Purchased industrial salt for sprinkling, bandaged and closed the company’s pipeline valves, carried out load-bearing inspections on the main workshop, reinforced temporary carports, closed roads with many steps, and conducted fire and electrical inspections in the dormitory. The leader led a team to inspect the company's production safety, and the company's emergency rescue team kept a 24-hour telephone line.

Since the second half of 2017, the company’s market situation and momentum have been good, and it has won large orders from first-class customers in the industry. The current orders have been scheduled to June 2018, and the economic indicators issued by the group have been completed for the first time in 2017. All of this is Not without the conscientiousness and conscientious work of all our employees. At the same time, we firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all employees in 2018, we are expected to achieve the goal of turning losses into profits in order to reward shareholders, benefit employees and serve the society.

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